Day 13/100 in #100DaysOfDesign: Perfecting the Art of Mock Interviews with David Luong

Day 13/100 in #100DaysOfDesign: Perfecting the Art of Mock Interviews with David Luong

(Why) - The Significance of Mock Interviews

✍️ Day 13 of my #100DaysOfDesign journey introduced me to an essential aspect of career development: mock interviews. Guided by the expertise of David Luong, a seasoned Product Designer at Shopify, I embarked on a transformative learning experience that illuminated the path to interview success.

(What) - Gaining Valuable Insights

✍️ The heart of a successful interview lies in storytelling. David emphasized the art of narrative, teaching me how to present my UX portfolio projects in a compelling and relatable manner.

The magic begins with a simple question: "Have you ever been in a situation or faced difficulties?" This opening creates an instant connection with the interviewer, inviting them into the story. It's a powerful technique to ensure your design journey resonates with your audience.

(How) - Elevating My Interview Skills

🖼️ The mock interviews allowed me to put theory into practice. With David's guidance, I refined my storytelling skills, understanding how to convey not just what I did but why I did it. This deeper perspective allows the interviewer to relate to the problem, making the interview a shared exploration of solutions.

Pitching my UX portfolio projects became an exercise in empathy and connection. It's not just about showcasing my skills; it's about forming a bond over shared challenges and triumphs.

(Why It Matters) - A Journey Toward Interview Excellence

🌟 Mock interviews aren't just simulations; they are stepping stones to interview excellence. The ability to articulate your design journey with clarity and relatability can be the key to landing your dream role.

As I continue on my #100DaysOfDesign journey, I'm grateful for the mentorship and guidance of experts like David Luong. It's a reminder that growth is a shared endeavour, and every interaction is an opportunity to refine our craft.

Stay tuned for more design insights, career revelations, and the pursuit of excellence in the ever-evolving world of design.

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