Day 10/100 in #100DaysOfDesign: Unveiling the Power of Double Diamond Design Thinking

Day 10/100 in #100DaysOfDesign: Unveiling the Power of Double Diamond Design Thinking

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(Why) - An Introduction to My Mentorship with Wenting Zhu

✍️ Day 10 of my #100DaysOfDesign journey brought a fascinating encounter with Wenting Zhu, a Senior Design Researcher and strategist at Walmart. Our session was dedicated to the intricate world of the double-diamond design thinking process. Here's a glimpse into the valuable insights gained.

(What) - The Magic of Double Diamond Design Thinking

✍️ Design thinking is a powerful methodology that fuels innovation and user-centric problem-solving. The double diamond design thinking process takes this concept to a new level by emphasizing exploration and convergence at each stage.

Wenting Zhu, with her extensive experience, guided me through the intricacies of this process. We delved into the divergent phase, where ideation and exploration are paramount, and then transitioned seamlessly into the convergent phase, where we refine and narrow down solutions.

One of the key takeaways from our session was the importance of robust research at every stage. Wenting shared concepts and strategies for enhancing the research aspect of design thinking, ensuring that our solutions are not just creative but also grounded in user insights.

(How) - My Journey into Deeper Design Thinking

🖼️ The double diamond design thinking process is a journey of discovery and innovation. With Wenting's guidance, I've gained a deeper understanding of its intricacies and the pivotal role of research in each stage.

In our next session, I'm eagerly looking forward to exploring each stage of the double diamond process in greater detail. It's a journey that promises to hone my design thinking skills, making me a more effective problem solver and innovator.

As I continue on my #100DaysOfDesign adventure, I'm reminded of the boundless possibilities that design thinking offers. It's not just a process; it's a mindset that drives meaningful change. I'm excited to apply these newfound insights to my design projects and see the transformative impact they bring.

Stay tuned for more discoveries, design revelations, and the continuous exploration of design thinking's magic.

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