Day 12/100 Days in #100DaysOfDesign: The AI Revolution in UX Research

Day 12/100 Days in #100DaysOfDesign: The AI Revolution in UX Research

(Why) - Embracing AI in UX Research

✍️ On Day 12 of my #100DaysOfDesign journey, I had the privilege of delving into the fascinating realm of AI-powered UX research. Kritika Oberoi, the visionary founder of LoopPanel, enlightened us about the future of UX research, where AI serves as an invaluable assistant, guiding us into uncharted territories.

(What) - Meet Dori: The AI Persona

✍️ In today's enlightening talk, Kritika introduced us to "Dori," an AI persona with the potential to transform the landscape of UX research. Dori brings both benefits and limitations to the field.

While AI like Dori can analyze vast datasets, summarize information, and aid in comprehensive UX research, there are limitations that we must acknowledge. These include challenges related to context, citations, and accuracy.

(How) - Tools of the AI Trade for UX Research

🖼️ Kritika didn't just share insights; she equipped us with a toolkit of AI wonders to enhance our UX research endeavours:

  • ChatGPT: A conversational AI that opens new avenues for user interviews and feedback collection.

  • LoopPanel: A groundbreaking tool for research analysis, especially in the realm of video notetaking.

  • An AI-powered design and ideation tool that simplifies the creative process.

  • Midjourney and DALL-E: These AI marvels offer innovative solutions for illustrations and visual communication.

As an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, I've also been exploring AWS Bedrock, a generative AI tool with a wide array of applications. From text generation and image manipulation to personalization, summarization, search, and chatbots, Bedrock opens up a world of possibilities for UX research.

(Why It Matters) - Bridging the Gap with AI

🌟 The integration of AI into UX research isn't just a trend; it's a revolution. It allows us to bridge the gap between data and insights, helping us make more informed design decisions.

As we journey through the dynamic landscape of design, it's crucial to embrace AI as a powerful ally, not a replacement. Together, with AI's assistance, we can unlock new dimensions of user-centric design and shape the future of digital experiences.

Stay tuned for more exciting discoveries, as we continue to explore the ever-evolving world of design and technology.

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