Day 14/100: Future Applications of AI for Design
By Mohammed Abdoolcarim

Day 14/100: Future Applications of AI for Design By Mohammed Abdoolcarim

(Why) - The #BeMore Festival: Unveiling the Future of Design with AI

✍️ On Day 14 of my #100DaysOfDesign journey, I had the pleasure of attending the #BeMore Festival by ADPlist. The highlight of the day was Mohammed Abdoolcarim's enlightening talk on "The Next Future Applications of AI for Design." Mohammed shared a compelling vision of the evolving role of designers and the exciting applications of AI in the design world.

(What) - Design Thinking Meets AI: The Future Unveiled

✍️ Mohammed kicked off his talk by emphasizing a paradigm shift in the design landscape. He noted that the future of design would transform designers from mere creators to thoughtful curators. The fusion of AI and design thinking principles would play a pivotal role in this transformation.

(How) - A Toolkit of AI Marvels for Every Design Stage

🖼️ Mohammed's insights were a treasure trove of AI tools that catered to every stage of the design process, mirroring the design thinking model:

Testing & Measuring Stage:

Building a Solution Stage:

Ideas Stage:

  • Midjourney,, DALLE2,Jambot, MIXO,Looka & Canva

Understanding & Defining the Problem:

Inspired by tools like AI Tutor, Github Copilot & ChatGPT Mohammed unveiled his own creation, "DesignPro," a Copilot for design tasks. This innovative application streamlines collaboration by instantly analyzing design critiques and product reviews to uncover actionable insights and tasks.

(Why It Matters) - The Future of Design is Collaborative

🌟 Mohammed's insights were a reminder that the future of design is not solitary but collaborative. AI empowers designers to think beyond traditional boundaries, harnessing the potential of automation, data-driven insights, and creativity.

As I continue on my #100DaysOfDesign journey, I'm excited to explore these AI-driven tools and concepts, embracing the future where designers curate experiences that resonate with users on a profound level.

Stay tuned for more revelations, as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of design and technology.

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